• Peppers
    Kampot pepper takes its name from the southern Cambodian province in which it is grown. It is the only pepper in the world to be granted a PGI status (Protected Geographical Indication) at European level. 
    It is by far the rarest and most controlled product among the specified origin peppers in the world, and considered as the finest.
    Our specialists apply the highest standards for growing and processing this organic pepper, to offer you a pepper of excellence.

  • Spices and salt

    Our partner Pepper Bay grows different spices which are available in our shop. It also selects Kampot salt which is re-dried and cleaned by its teams.

    It comes with different packaging such as:

    Aluminum zip bag : 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg in resealable alunimum zip bag

    Tin Box : in double-lid tin box (height 7,5cm x 5,5cm – 70g ; and 12cm x 5,5 cm – 130g)

    Glass jar : in small 90g glass jar (height 9cm x 5,5cm)

    Grinder : in mini-grinder 8g (height 5cm x 4,5cm), comes with a linen bag. ; Big grinder 70g (height 14cm)

    Plastic jar : 100g (height 6,5cm x 5cm), 120g (height 6,5cm x 5cm), 200g (height  8,5cm x 6,5cm),250g (height  8,5cm x 6,5cm)

  • Gift Ideas

    Gift boxes of all sizes already made by our experts, for those who wants to find the perfect gift. 

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