Organic green pepper in brine

Organic green pepper in brine

Organic green Kampot pepper in brine is green Kampot pepper cured with Kampot salt in a special recipe which preserves all the flavours of fresh Kampot pepper.

Use whole with fish carpaccio, salads, rice, vegetables, red & white meat, melted cheese, or infused in vegetable oils or spirits.

It comes with different packaging such as:

Straw bag : in Cambodian hand-made straw bag 50g (size 15,5cm x 13cm) and 100g (size 22cm x 13cm)

Glass jar : in small 50g glass jar (height 7cm x 5cm)

Plastic jar : 100g (height 6,5cm x 5cm) 200g (height  8,5cm x 6,5cm)

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