Organic white Kampot pepper

Organic white Kampot pepper

Organic white Kampot pepper comes from yellow and red berries, dried in the sun after removing the skin. It has a refreshing flavour of eucalyptus and citrus, with overtones of fresh grass.

It’s perfect with shellfish, white fish, white meat and asparagus.

It comes with different packaging such as:

Aluminum zip bag : 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg in resealable alunimum zip bag

Tin Box : in double-lid tin box (height 7,5cm x 5,5cm – 70g ; and 12cm x 5,5 cm – 130g)

Straw bag : in Cambodian hand-made straw bag 50g (size 15,5cm x 13cm) and 100g (size 22cm x 13cm)

Glass jar : in small 50g glass jar (height 7cm x 5cm)

Grinder : in mini-grinder 8g (height 5cm x 4,5cm), comes with a linen bag; Big grinder 70g (height 14cm)

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